The cruel hidden truth of household water filters in Malaysia

When it comes to water filter, the first most common question buyers will ask is “How good is your water filter and the quality of its treated water? In line with such ‘requirement’, water filter suppliers make many manipulative claims which are mainly false.

Why did this happen? The simple reason links to the basic marketing rule of “supply versus demand”. Even as the buyers possess little scientific knowledge on water quality and its treatment process, they demand super high-tech products and hence, opening a loophole for sellers to take advantage of this situation.

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Apabila dibincangkan hal alat penapis air, soalan yang paling afdal dikemukakan adalah, “Sekadar mana bagusnya alat penapis air anda serta kualiti air yang ditapis itu?” Sejajar dengan soalan sebegini, pihak pembekal alat penapis air mulalah melaung-laungkan berbagai-bagai dakwaan, termasuklah yang dibayangi ketidakbenaran. Ramai pembekal telah mendakwa betapa bagus serta sofistikated alat penapis air mereka sehingga adanya segelintir pihak pembekal yang turut mendakwa bahawa air yang ditapis oleh alat penapis air mereka itu memiliki kesan ajaib.

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每当销售商提到滤水机时,消费者通常第一道问题是,“你的滤水机有何优点及其过滤的水质有无神奇效果”。 但是消费者对制造滤水机的基本科学原理及世界卫生局给予水质的建议却一窍不通。



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Chinese News Channel Reporting Amway e-Spring Water Filter

The contaminant mentioned in the video was NITRITE. It may appear in tap water as nitrate (which is not as poisonous as nitrite) due to the water source being polluted by fertilizer. It is more commonly found in hobbyists’ aquarium if the filtration system is not in good order and worse still, if aeration is not sufficient. The nitrite is generated from fish excrement (faeces) or fertilizer which is organic-based. If, in this case, the samples were taken from the dirty filter (used for months), the result will be the same with all dirty and seasoned water filters in the market. That is why Crosslink insist that the rule number one for professionally healthy water filter is maintaining CLEAN FILTER – with no compromise.

亞硝酸鹽的化學元素是NO2,比起較普遍的NO3缺氧并且更具殺傷力。世界衛生機構將NO3在食水含量限制在十萬分之一(10ppm)以保護嬰兒免於染上致命的“藍嬰”(Methemoglobinemia)綜合病症。 NO3的產生原自有機原體,像肥料,葉子,動物屍體等,腐化後溶解水中。 所有久用後未能徹底清潔的濾芯,不單只Amway都會產生亞硝酸鹽或NO3,此乃意料中事。

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