Hot & Cold Water Dispenser


Our dispensers are merely trading item without added value. We only sell this dispenser to Ecosafe’s water filter users at cost price as a service item. Our motive in promoting this product is to ensure our beloved clients drink only healthy water.

From RM600

Why AuqaDisp?

After extensive market survey and trying out a few models, we decided to stick to this particular model as it is not only reliable but also one of its distinct advantage: easy cleaning.

Keeping in mind that healthy water can only come from a clean environment.

We found that no matter how clean the feed water is, the holding tank of dispensers in the current market, would still trapped sediments. From a scientific point of view. due to the disparity in temperature and pressure, it is no surprise that the dust and impurities from the surrounding air can accumulate in the non-airtight holding tank.

The attached photos show how easy it is to remove the covers of our holding tank, by bare hand (no tools needed).

* Users are encouraged to totally drain off the water and clean the tanks by themselves every 3 to 6 months

Easy to clean

Easy to clean, with big room-temperature water reservoir.


Automatic heating system with over-temperature shut-off. Safety lock for hot water faucet.


Microprocessor-controlled REBOIL switch to bring water to boil at 100oc. Front panel water-level indicator.


Hot, room temperature, and cold.


Toxic-free stainless steel 304 hot-water tank


Automatic feed water shut-off with a float valve for level control. Inlet water shut-off valve for convenience during maintenance.

Operation Instructions

To activate the dispenser, just press the HOT WATER button. The POWER ON light indicates that heating has been started automatically.

Once water eaches its boiling temperature. The indicator light on the control panel will switch from HEATING to KEEP WARM.

Continuous supply of hot water is ensured by the automatic water refill and re-heat function.

However. you can manually press the REBOIL button to attain the maximum temperature at 100oc.

ROHS Compliant



20″H x 16″W x 20″D

Nett Weight


Heating rate

Heating rate: 6 litres/hour @ 85oc

Hot water tank

2 litres

Room temperature reservoir

8 litres


230V, 50Hz

Power Consumption

Hot: 700 watts +/- 10%
Cold: 1000 watts +/- 10%


R-134a, 34g