How clean is your filter?


Air-Scour Service

Heartfelt Reminder: You can’t get healthy water out of dirty filter even though the water looks clean. 保养与维修,不是一般的清洗过滤器法

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Can normal backwash thoroughly clean the filter?

The truth will be revealed after the air-scour service.

Normal Backwash

Normal Backwash +
Air Scour Service

Maintenance Service

Air-scour service for outdoor media type water filter. A simple condition to fulfill before our visit: Take a photo of your outdoor water filter and send the photo to us via WhatsApp or upload it through our website. In the photo, please ensure that the portion of the inlet piping is visible, with more than 4 inches of PVC pipe in length. Our technician needs to modify the pipe in order to service your filter.